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Join our Courses and Jobs Referral Network and liaise with our Support Specialist team where you can submit referrals or receive referrals relating to:

  • Paid employment opportunities
  • Work Experience
  • Traineeships
  • Apprenticeships
  • and courses for employment or university progression

Advertising Update

We are currently revamping the courses and jobs advertising website which will be made available shortly to the public.   Therefore, while this is being done, continue to submit your adverts to our advertising team.We will continue to prioritise these and use other methods to reach our service users such as email and text alerts.  

Kindly contact Christopher or Pavel on 020 3475 9775.

Why Should Organisations Join The Network?


We exist because we care about the progression routes and opportunities of service users. We work collaboratively with high-quality partners across the UK. 

Join our network and benefit from referrals. Our Support Specialist team would be more than happy to move the process forward.

We strongly believe in progression. Join us. 


There are a variety of students, jobseekers  and service users, in general, waiting to be referred through to organisations for opportunities.



Contact our specialist team on 020 3475 9775

Work Experience Referrals

  • Talk to us about

Work-Based Learning Opportunities.  Also, contact us if you are completing a course and require a practical working environment for work experience opportunities.  Also, contact us if you are already in paid work or work placement and would like to complete a qualification of your choice.  

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Course Providers, Recruitment Agencies, Current Employers, Local Agencies, Local Authorities, Job Centres, Charities, Parents, Youth Clubs, and the Local Community, thanks for your continued support in keeping our Service Users economically and academically active.

Your continued support and active participation in the referral network are highly appreciated. 

Our Referrals include:

  • Courses
  • Jobs
  • Work Experiences
  • Apprenticeships
  • Traineeships
  • Careers Advice
  • …many more

Our Partnership Work

Over the years our partnership work with various organisations has transformed the lives of many and we will continue on this journey thus progressing our service users to the next level. 

We need and appreciate the support of our existing partners and certainly welcome new partners.

Our current partners within our referral network include:

  • Employers
  • Course/Training Providers
  • Local Authorities
  • Job Centres 
  • Fostering Agencies
  • Parents
  • Freelancers
  • Youth clubs and Charities 


Our Courses and Jobs Referral Network caters for:

  • Students seeking to enter employment
  • Students seeking support to enter university
  • Jobseekers
  • Candidates seeking work experience opportunities


Featured on our Opportunities Billboard this Month

Reference No: (OB-8-20-30)


A provider within our network is seeking Maths Tutors who have experience in online teaching.  Part-Time Maths teachers are also required for the East London areas.  

Featured on our Opportunities Billboard this Month

Free Teaching Assistant Course - (Ref No: OB-08-20-48)


There are providers within our network who are currently offering courses to those who are on benefits. These are across a variety of sectors. 

However, we are focusing on a provider who is offering the Support Work in Schools Award(Teaching assistant) course to those who are on benefit for free and reduced price for those who are already employed.  There are options of online(e-learning training) face to face or blended learning. Submit an expression of interest and a Billboard Specialist may contact you.

We have a waiting list of applicants for Traineeships and Apprenticeships, kindly get in touch with our referrals department if you can support with an opportunity.

Refer to the employer or course provider section on our site.

Please contact our referrals team if your organisation can facilitate trainee teachers or trainee teaching assistants.  We have candidates who are completing their qualifications and need placements.


Please contact our referrals team if your organisation has available learner loan funding.