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By providing completely independent and impartial advice about asset-backed business finance, we wanted to help businesses better understand their options in the finance market. But, and here’s the big question, what experience do we have that qualifies us to give you this advice? What position could we possibly be in to help? Well, this is what we’re most proud of.

Unlike most other financial advisory companies, our team is actually born out of a business background. The situations you’re in, we’ve experienced first hand – and come out the other side. At TML, we understand the real world and how it works. With no ties to any lender and no preference for any finance product, we were able to ensure complete impartiality. We take a hands-on approach at TML, treating your business as though it were our own.

We base our approach on five different tenets – Understanding, Listening, Independent and Impartial, Informed Decision Making and Transparency. We believe that bringing these five together creates the best environment for smart financial decision-making. Staunchly independent, TML is the arm around your shoulder.
Finances aren’t always easy to work out, and it can be difficult to know what’s truly best for yourself or your business. So at TML, we take a unique approach – we let you do the talking.
That might sound scary, but it’s important that we focus on your targets for your business. We make it our mission to work with you to understand exactly what your business needs to thrive – only then can we really propose the most appropriate financial action for you to take. Our knowledge is completely independent and unbiased, meaning we only have your best interests at heart.
TML will work with you to ensure any facility is structured correctly and set up to meet the needs of your business and we’ll do this while working with you every step of the way. Understanding is absolutely crucial when it comes to finance and we don’t expect everyone to be an expert – that’s where we come in.

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