Take Advantage Of Our Referral Service


We currently have a variety of students who need to enhance their career opportunities by choosing the right course that suits their future goals or objectives. 

Courses are needed from providers that lead to university progression,  transition into employment, re-engagement in society and so on.  Differentiated study modes are required such as online/distance, classroom-based, work-based learning thus ‘on the job training’ and many more.  


Refer Courses To The Network

Join the courses and jobs network and support in making a lot of young people and unemployed  happy.  Advertise your courses and relevant offers with us.  Also, network with us for course seekers looking for relevant courses, traineeships, apprenticeships and so on and  our pre-trained unemployed  awaiting opportunities by specialisms.   

Contact  our specialist team on 020 3475 9775 to move things forward.  

Learners requiring progression to the next level

Inform us of your offers which will be made available to our Specialist teams.  

  • Refer learners through who need to progress to the next level following completion of their courses if your organisation is unable to facilitate their progression so that they can be supported within the network. 
  • Also, refer candidates or students to the network that have already completed your pre-employment training so that they can be referred for opportunities. Join us in supporting the unemployed.

Refer learners who have been withdrawn from your Programme


  • Refer students through if they have been withdrawn from your programme so that they can be supported within the network on an alternative provision. It is a very simple process.   

An 'Approved' status is not required to refer students to us


  • Additionally, an ‘approved’ status is not required to refer students or candidates to us, however, your organisation would need to be registered and approved by us to receive referrals in keeping with safeguarding requirements. 

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