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Complete this form and submit (Note that this is just a basic form for registration) You will be contacted for the approval process. This is normally done wthin 5 working days. Once we have received the registration form, it will be assigned to a referral specialist who will move the proces forward.

Request discounted offers or opportunities

Benefit from discounted prices on offers made by members within the business support network. Contact us with your requirements and a referral specialist will come back to you. If your requirement is not listed below, still go ahead and complete the form indicating what is required and our referral team will get in contact with you.

Inform us of discounted offers or opportunities

We hava a large variety of partners, in general, within our network who could benefit from your available opportunities or offers. Therefore, let us know the details of what you have to offer. This will be sent to our registered users and our referral network. It could also be made available on the site as a featured ad at a small cost.


We liaise with businesses across all sectors to position or reposition in the market.  This could, of course, be a challenging task, however, this is not necessarily the case due to the strength, commitment and proactivity of the members within our network.

Below is a list of services that are offered within the referral network.  Feel free to contact the referral team about any opportunity of interest on 020 3475 5499.




  • Support with business planning for new starts ups

  • Loans – Business Finance

  • Virtual Assistant Support

  • Email Marketing and Text Alert Advertising

  • Venues for Meetings, Conferences and so on

  • Temporary Staff

  • Shift Staff and also staff for Cover Work

  • Office Assistant Support – On premises or remotely

  • Sales and Marketing Activities

  • Voip Telephone Service

  • CCTV Security Systems

  • Inspection Preparations

  • Health and Safety Risk Assessments

  • Quality Audits

  • Support with writing policies and procedures

  • Mistery Shopper

  • Remote Telephone Answering Support

  • Cold Calling for your business Development

  • Staff Development Training (CPDs)-Tailored to your business

  • Safeguarding Training

  • First Aid Training

  • Staff Appraisals

  • Construction and Building Work

  • Careers Advice and Guidance

  • Translation Services

  • Website Development

  • Graphic Designing

  • Specific Services Tailored to Your Business

  • Legal Support

  • Consultancy Service in all fields

  • Accountancy Service

  • Printing Services

  • Delivery Service

  • Tree Surgeon

  • Cleaning Service

  • Air port drop off and Pick up

  • Hospitality and Catering Service

  • and many more Services

Let us know your requirement and you will receive referrals from within our Network once the request is approved.

All services are at a discounted price as this is among the benefits of being within the referral network.

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