Referral Form - Password Protected

Kindly contact your Support Specialist for a password to access this form. All referrals are done in line with GDPR and Safeguarding policies.

Join our Students and Jobseekers Referral Network

Complete this form and submit (Note that this is just a basic form for registration) You will be contacted for the approval process. Your organisation would need to be approved to receive referrals but you do not need approval status to refer students through to us. Approvals can be within 5 working days or less. Once the registration form is received, it is passed on to a referral specialist who will be intouch to move the process forward.

We network with local charities, youth clubs and various teams within local authorities to support youths, adults and service users, in general, to remain academically and or economically active.  Thanks also to Princess Trust for the support extended to our client group.

We liaise with virtual learning teams within local authorities and various fostering agencies.  We also work with sixth form colleges, schools and FE colleges collaboratively supporting our young people, adults(service users) in general within our referral network.  Contact us for futher information if you would like to join our network. 

Help us to engage service users to take advantage of work experiences,  jobs, courses, career progression opportunities and many more.  Our network and referral service cater for a bespoke approach to each individual service user within each client group.


Examples of our client group:

  • Young people in care who are out of education – short term or long term 

  • Young people who are leaving care and need training to move on 

  • Young People who have left care and need after care support 

  • Young people who need support with independent living 

  • Young people who are excluded from school 

  • Young people who are homeless and is out of education 

  • Young mothers who need support to remain academically active 

  • Young people who need study buddies as they are strugging academically – Our study buddies are vetted and trained and paperwork are in compliance with safeguarding principles and policies 

  • Clients who would benefit from peer mentoring 

  • Young people who are not in education or employment 

  • Young people and adults that are to be trained from home or remotely 

  • Young people and adults who have been unemployed for some time 

  • Young people and adults who need to be upskilled and supported in work 

  • Young people and adults who need to be upskilled and supported with Work Experience 

  • Young people and adults who are in work but need ‘in work support’. 

  • and many more bespoke support


Ask us for whatever service required, if not indicated above, and we should be able to provide support through our referral network once the requirement is approved.